We've got you covered.

First Class Lease Protection is designed to
provide coverage for chargeable items that
go beyond normal wear and use at lease end.
It is available at lease origination on The First
Class Lease® agreements from Mercedes-Benz
Financial Services.

What is covered?
Up to $7,500 of excess wear and use charges,
if you drive an average of 25,000 miles per
year or less including:*
  • Coverage up to $200 for each
    missing part
  • Single incident coverage up to $2,000
It's extra protection for extra peace of mind.
Ask your Mercedes-Benz dealer about First
Class Lease Protection today.
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*Certain exclusions apply. This product does not cover any excess mileage charges and may not be available in all states. This product is available at the time of vehicle lease only. Please refer to
First Class Lease Protection Addendum to Motor Vehicle Lease Agreement for details and exclusions.